6 to 20 Nov 2023

South Africa

South Africa > Cape Town > Langa

If you are looking for a cultural and festive experience, this trip
is ideal for you!
You will volunteer at 2 different daycare center: Siyakhanyisa
and Inga Edu Care Center.

The first is run by Leanne Mxunyelwa Sidinele and serves 95
children from 1 to 5 years old.
It is a great responsibility to take care of these children with
so much energy and enthusiasm, because the project needs
all the possible help!
The second is a daycare center for children from 2 to 5 years

old, which came about in 1999, when a local lady started
taking care of some children in the region so that parents
could work and in a short time found herself taking care of a
house full of kids.
Your volunteer days will be varied and you will have plenty
of fun!
Activities include visiting the local library, reading, singing,
dancing, teaching, helping with meals and supervising nap

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