Your world grows
and we grow with you!

Imp(act) is a company that unites volunteers with credible institutions.

The idea was born from the experiences we had in volunteer projects where we realized that there was a need to contribute and add to a greater general knowledge of the local community, also giving opportunity to other people to contribute, doing personalized volunteering, with monitoring and in a safe way.

We believe that through experiences like these we can impact not only on other lives, but also our own through a cultural immersion.
Impact and act
are our greatest values!


We know that it is possible to contribute to the development of the community through education, be it school, social or community.

We believe that, by providing the right tools for the local community, they will be able to use their full potential and thus contribute to a change in behavior and mindsets in future generations.

Above all, we promote respect for human dignity, education, commitment, sustainability, gender equality and fair trade.


Graduated in Advertising and Marketing from ESPM in São Paulo.

She worked in a multinational and after this journey realized that this was not her true purpose.

Passionate about the world, travel and cultural diversity, she says that the starting point of her journey of self-discovery was on her first trip to South Africa in 2016.



Born in Macau, raised in Lisbon.

It was in her place of origin that she started her professional activity and from there she joined several projects in the area of Design and Photography.

Later, she volunteered and fell in love with the experience, she wants not only to help local people but also to share that passion with others.

She loves new challenges, traveling, discovering new cultures and her dog named Atlas.